I Was Here

Dear You who came from another star,

If you are reading this note, you have made it to this new planet. It has no name yet but I will work on it once I am back on earth to report my discovery. Let’s call it Planet X for now.

I am an astronaut from Planet Earth and I was sent on a mission to look for life forms outside our planet. After ten years in outer space, I decided to return to Earth, prepared to report that we were alone in the universe. As I traveled back, I can see Earth from my shuttle and eagerly anticipated my homecoming. I missed my planet. I looked forward to seeing human beings again. I looked forward to home-cooked meals rather than extracting each meal from a pre-packed container. I can’t believe I survived ten years of that.

As I was approaching the planet’s atmosphere, I realized something. This planet that looked a lot like earth was way too small to be earth. Did Earth shrink while I was away? Did another virus strike and attacked all the living things and made it smaller? Are humans extinct? I was shaking as I approached this mysterious heavenly body. I was sure my space shuttle would explode as it hits the atmosphere of this planet. I was not ever sure it was a planet as I grew nearer and nearer. What about you? Did you have the same experience?

The explosion and certain death I expected did not happen. Instead, once the atmosphere detected my shuttle, it felt as if the shuttle stuck to a wall. And then it began to glide. It felt as if I was a leaf slowly falling down until it eventually touched the ground.

I really entered a new world. Planet X is like Earth in many ways, and yet different. It is so rich in natural resources and yet so advanced in technology. This is a self-sustaining and self-healing planet. Try to go around and explore. Since it is small, it would take only a few days to go around and see everything. Maybe you will decide to settle here? Ah, I envy you. This is a really beautiful planet. The oceans and seas and rivers are all teeming with fish and sea creatures. The mountains are so green, I can tell it is covered in beautiful trees. Did you see the colorful gardens? I swear it has all the flowers from earth and then some unique only to this planet. Some animals are here too. I saw Dodos and Baiji White Dolphins on my exploration. I also saw Calamites, Silphium and Saint Helena Olives. Did you know they are already extinct on Earth? I wonder if we can take some of them back so that they can live there again like before.

I’m sure you will come to love this planet as you go around. If you do decide to settle, may I ask this of you? Please take care of this place. Let it not be ruined by taking too much without giving back. If you build your home using the wood from the trees in the forest, plant new ones. If you fish, use only natural methods of catching them. Don’t get too much so they have time to reproduce. Try not to waste water or dump waste materials into the oceans. Once you do, it will be the beginning of the ruin of this planet. Whatever you do, let it not be the next Earth. If you do not know Earth, which I doubt, it is an amazing planet. But, because of human greed, it has been neglected and has been deteriorating for several years. Maybe I don’t need to tell you this. Maybe your planet is so much better at appreciating what natural resources you have. There is no need to worry.

So, I’m off for now. No matter what happens, Earth will always be my home. Maybe this planet is meant to sustain life for other galaxies. I came here by accident, but I am taking home a very valuable gift. We on Earth can finally say there is life outside of our planet. The animals that were extinct on Earth I saw with my very own eyes on Planet X. I am taking just pictures, but I hope my fellow humans realize how cruel we have been. I also hope that this unites us all to save the Earth before we ourselves become the object of extinction. We may have time, but we don’t know how much.

I wish you luck in whatever decision you make here on Planet X.

From a human being whose home is called Earth.

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