You’re A Winner

What if I had 1 billion US dollars, how would I spend it? The number 1 caught me off guard at first but I realized what a huge amount this is in Philippine currency. I will be set for life!

I’m watching Itaewon Class while writing this and somehow I find myself relating the story to my topic today. Itaewon Class is about one man’s determination and stubbornness to succeed in the food business. Let’s take out the motivation behind it and I only wish I could be half as strong as Park Sae-ro-yi. He had a 15-year plan which started from while he was in prison after his father’s death. He invested his father’s settlement and insurance money in Jangga Co.’s stocks which later on grew into more than a billion won. He started a pub business and later on bought a building. All these done at 29 years old.

When I first thought about it, I wanted to spend all my money by traveling around the world. I think, I’ll still get to do that. But Itaewon Class diverted my priorities a bit and realized I need to make my money grow. Then I’d get to travel around the world twice. Or maybe more.

Therefore, let’s get to it. I have about 50 million pesos to my name. I will invest fifty percent which is 25 million. Invest where? I don’t know yet. Maybe I will hire myself a fund manager like Lee Ho-jin so I get to multiply my wealth.

The other fifty percent I can spend freely. First, I will pay off my apartment. I still have some balance left so winning the lottery is surely a blessing. After this, I will work on getting our land titled. This has been on halt for decades, supposedly my father’s responsibility, but it has not progressed at all. After both, maybe I’ll still have 20 million. Gosh, all these money to spend is making me dizzy.

Next, I’m buying me some land in my hometown. It will be in the city of course. I will build a small house there, enough for me to retire in. Actually, I will buy me properties in my favorite places to visit. In the Philippines, it will be beachfront properties in Boracay and El Nido or Coron. Outside the country, I will buy a house in the US and UK. It would be like a base in each continent. If I can own property in South Korea, I’ll buy one in Seoul too. I think I just ran out of cash.

Let’s say I still have money, I will now go on a trip to Antarctica. I think it is the ultimate destination and I want to be able to say I did it, even once in a lifetime. Next is a trip to Greenland. When else am I going? It has to be as soon as possible.

Finally, I will share some of my winning with my family. It would be university funds for my nieces and maybe funds to start a business for my brothers.

Wow! I did it. It’s really easy to spend imaginary money. Itaewon Class supposedly turned imaginary into reality. I’ve always believed nothing is impossible. Who knows, maybe this is also just the beginning of my empire.

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